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VeraSecure Full Review

Looking for more information about the Vera Smart Hub lineup.Today we are going to look at the VeraEdge, VeraPlus and do an in depth review the VeraSecure.


VeraPlus Smart Home Hub/Controller by Vera Controls

  • Named “Top 6 Smart Home Hub” by Digital Trends
  • The “brain” of your wireless smart home/security system works with most brands & models including Nest, Schlage, Yale, kwikset, first alert & more
  • Lock your door, turn off lights, change thermostat automatically with easy one-touch settings; view cameras on your phone from anywhere. Control over 200 sensors, locks, lights, etc. In one home
  • Use phone or tablet or laptop to setup and operate. Easy wizards for adding new devices. More protocols, memory and processor power than VeraEdge
  • Robust Tech support; strong community of users globally; no monthly fees or contracts required to setup your smart home with this system