Installing the GE 12722 In Wall Smart Switch

Today we are installing two GE 12722 in wall smart switches, side by side in a two-gang switch box. You will need tools for this episode, including a phillips screw driver, flat-head screw driver, small flat-head jeweler’s screw driver, and a pair of plyers. It’s a good idea to have extra wire nuts and a pair of wire strippers. To ensure you have a good understanding of the switch, you will find a detailed overview of the switch and a detailed explanation of the terms used by the manufacturers instructions.

If you are looking to buy the switch used in this video, you can find it here:

Instructions include:
– tips for ensuring power is off at the switch
– safety precautions
– removing the switch plate without peeling back your paint
– removing the switch from from the wall
– how to identify wires in the wall
– what to do if you have two switches
– how to identify Line vs. Load wires
– testing for power at the switch
– more safety precautions!
– how to release wires from the existing switch
– wiring in the new switches
– tips for installing two smart switches next to each other in the same box

We don’t show how to hook the switches into the Wink hub in this episode. The process is the same as it is in the GE Outdoor Smart Switch installation, found here: