DIY 3 Way Switch GE Leviton Z-wave Smart Switch Installation

Step by step DIY 3 way switch installation instructions for your GE or Leviton Z-wave smart switch. Smart home automation would not be complete without a 3 way switch. Today we will go through the details of installing a zwave 3 way dimmer switch. The instructions are the same for a non-dimming zwave 3 way switch installation. Light and fans are often controlled with three-way switches, so if you are installing smart switches, this will be a must.

Not all electrical wiring is compatible with this installation. In some cases, your house may be wired to an older standard, or, your house was wired improperly. If you do not have a white neutral wire in the switch box, this video will not help you. In certain cases, your existing 3 way switch may not have a traveler wire. We cover this scenario in the video. We also introduce a new type of wire connection with the IDEAL IN-SURE Push in wire Connectors.