The New Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 2) Setup & Review – Smarthome & Bluetooth & Wink Hub Integration

The Amazon Echo Dot version 2 point 0 has just been released. Today we are going to add three of them into my house and see how these little guys can improve my Alexa experience. Stay tuned.

I purchased 3 of the new Echo Dot’s, and today I plan to use these to improve the voice control in my smart home.

In this video, we are going to compare the Dot to the Echo, and then walk through how we will use them in each of the rooms. Other than general voice control, our usage of the Echo and Dot in each room  will be different.

When you look at the Dot next to her big sister, you can see quite a difference in size. This is mainly due to the speaker that sits inside the big Echo. The new version of the Dot also has repurposed the LED light ring. It no longer controls volume, and not is just an indicator that let’s you know she’s listening. Volume is controlled in the Dot by the volume up and down buttons located on the top of the unit.

I have talked to several people that believe that the Dot will not have an internal speaker. This is not the case. There is a small speaker built into the Dot. HOwever, it is not anywhere near the quality of the speaker that sits inside the big Echo.

So here’s how I plan to use the Alexa sisters.

First, lets look around my house a bit. In my living room, there are 8

  1. Taking a look at the Dot
  2. Compare to the Echo
  3. Add them to the App
  4. Place them in the rooms
  5. Setup the bedroom
    1. Turn off the lights “goodnight  on”
    2. Going to the bathroom “bathroom on”
    3. Weather today
    4. Alexa – add milk to my shopping list
  6. Setup office
    1. Turn my office on
    2. Stop the music
    3. Turn my office off
  7. Setup my Living Room Audio
    1. Connect bluetooth
    2. Play prime music
    3. Turn volume down
  8. Alexa to the kitchen
    1. Tune-in app – get to that later