SunJoe iON Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Review of the Sun Joe iON 40 volt, 16-inch cordless lawn mower. Last year, I did a video review of the Sun Joe Mow Joe 14-inch, 110 volt electric lawn mower. I like that lawn mower a lot. At the time I did this video, you could still find that lawn mower for sale.

One of the drawbacks to that lawn mower is, because of the amperage rating on that lawn mower, it requires you to have a fairly hefty extension cord. So I got kind of tired last year of dragging around the big heavy extension cord. So this year, I’m going after the Sun Joe iON 40 volt, 16-inch cordless lawn mower. There’s a lot of battery-operated lawn mowers out there on the market.

I chose the Sun Joe iON because I really liked the Sun Joe Mow Joe. So going to a battery-operated lawn mower was pretty good for me. Now the thing I should say is, once you buy something like a Sun Joe Mow Joe, which does require the cord, if you don’t already have a heavy duty extension cord, those things can run you 30, 40, 50 bucks. So with the $99 dollars for the lawn mower and maybe the $50 dollars for the extension cord, you’re sunk into a corded lawn mower for about $150 dollars. Now when you factor in the costs of the extension cord, and then the wear and tear and all that brings with it, going with the battery-operated lawn mower really makes sense. And you’re going to get about 40 minutes of battery life out of there.