SnapPower Guidelight

SnapPower SRWH-102 Guidelight Outlet Coverplate with LED Light, White


If you’re like me, nightlights have always been a bit of a pain in the butt. They are either taking up a critical electrical outlet, or I’m knocking them out of the wall for whatever reason, which in my case, is usually a vacuum cord. And Even the more modern units still have old old look and feel.

Every time I have been looking for a nightlight, I find more than enough choices that give me the same old thing in a different shape. Kitty Cats, flat plates and even the old style with new LED bulbs. Heck, there’s even a nightlight for your toilet!

The other day, I ran across the Snap Power Guidelight, and had to check this thing out. The Guidelight is a wall plate that fits over a standard electrical outlet and provides a fully functional night light. Ok, well maybe not fully functional. This is billed as a pathway light, not a night light.

When you look at this thing, it looks like a standard outlet cover plate from the front, with the exception of this light sensor at the bottom. You have the option for both standard duplex style, and decorative outlets like I have in my house.

When you turn it around, you can see the two tabs that fit over the screws that are found on the side of all wall outlets. Pretty cool.

The LED lights are on the bottom of the switch plate and provide a decent amount of light in a dark hallway or room, but no too much light. You don’t get that annoying glow that you do from a normal night light.

The size of the switch plate is also slightly bigger than a standard wall plate. Not enough to notice right off the bat. But if you have a close tolerance on any edge of the existing plate, the GuideLight may not fit. So look out for that.

The outlet that is installed should have these screws on the side. If the outlet has the holes for the wires on the back, the electrician that installed the switch probably didn’t take the time to screw in these screws. That can make it a bit tricky when trying to snap in the new plate. So optionally, you may need to pull out the outlet and screw these in.


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