Review Your Product

If you are interested in having your hardware or installed software with a one time fee (hereafter known as Product) or hosted software, website, mobile app or other internet based offering not involving a Product (hereafter known as Service) reviewed in written or video format (Review) by the DIY Smart Home Guy™ (Reviewer), the following terms and conditions apply:

If you are a person, company or entity (Provider) wishing to have a Product review performed by the Reviewer, please send the product to:

DIY Smart Home Guy
5901 Wyoming Blvd. NE STE J-161
Albuquerque, NM 87109

If you are a Provider that desires a Service Review performed by Reviewer, contact can be made via or Please send a message with the details of the  service for which the Provider wishes a Review.

In all cases, both Parties agree that a sending a Product to the Reviewer, providing a Service to the Reviewer or the Reviewer providing a Review does not establish a relationship between the Reviewer and the Provider other than a relationship that would be created outside of this agreement. PROVIDER AGREES THAT SENDING A PRODUCT OR ACCESS TO A SERVICE TO THE REVIEWER IS AN AUTOMATIC ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT SEND. No promotional consideration will be accepted by Reviewer for a Review. No exceptions.

Provider shall supply Product(s) to the Reviewer at no cost, including shipping, for the purpose of the Review, and if Providers Service is a paid Service, Provider agrees to supply the Service for free to Reviewer for an agreed period (Review Period) for the purpose of the Review. Reviewer, at his sole discretion, can keep, use, install, discard, gift or sell the Product after a Review is posted on any or all of the following media outlets:, Patreon, E-Bay, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Reviewer agrees not to transfer or allow access to Services during or after the Review Period by anyone other than the Reviewer.

Should the Reviewer determine that a Review will not be published, Reviewer will make reasonable attempts to notify the Provider, and at such time an agreement may be reached with regards to the return or disposal of the Product, or the discontinuation of the Service. If Products are to be returned, Provider assumes responsibility for any and all return shipping fees. If Provider is unwilling to pay return shipping fees, Provider agrees that the Reviewer is under no obligation to return the Product and that the Reviewer may retain the Product or dispose of the Product in any way the Reviewer determines to be suitable.

Regardless of the circumstances, Reviewer is under no obligation to publish a Review.

Reviewer will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Review will be an honest reflection of the opinion of the Reviewer, and the Reviewer is under no obligation to make positive or negative comments about any Product or Service.  

Provider has the right to make suggestions for attributes to be discussed in the Review and the attributes that the Provider believes are related to the value of the Product or Service, and the Reviewer will make reasonable efforts to relay those attributes within the Review. However, Reviewer is under no obligation to mention any attribute or feature of the Product or Service, nor is Reviewer under any obligation to agree with Providers quality or claims about a Product or Service. Reviewer reserves the right to use other Products or Services in the Review for comparison or other purposes deemed appropriate by the Reviewer.

Reviewer reserves the right to post affiliate links for the purchase of the Product or Service or other Products and Services within the Review on any of Reviewer’s associated websites or social media accounts. All revenue generated by Reviewers affiliate links remain the property of Reviewer.

Provider agrees that Reviewer retains all rights to the Review and agrees to make no claims against Reviewer for the content of the Review. Provider further agrees that it will hold Reviewer harmless of any and all claims and agrees that the resolution to any dispute is limited to the removal of Review from those media outlet accounts that are under the sole control of the Reviewer. Provider agrees that if a video is copied and/or republished by a company, entity, person or persons and published or posted in any form, that the Reviewer is not responsible and will have no obligation to have the Review removed from publication.

If the Provider is agreeable to these terms and conditions, please feel free to contact DIY Smart Home Guy.

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