Aeon Labs Touch Panel One Button for Micro Switch Black AL-001 BL

Touch Panel Switch for use with Aeon Labs’ Z-Wave Micro controllers Aeon Labs’s Touch Panel for Micro range is a series of elegant, touch-sensitive switches that can be used as an accessory to control Aeon Labs’ range of in-wall, Z-Wave Micro controllers. With their smooth glass fronts and brushed aluminium sides, each Touch Panel brings subtle, modern aesthetics to the humble wall switch and is capable of controlling individual appliances, lights or motors or entire Z-Wave scenes. Each switch in the Touch Panel for Micro range is flat and does not recess into the gang box, thus leaving more room for the Micro and a neater installation.

Essential Getting Started Videos

Here are the essential videos you should watch to get started setting up your smart home.

1. The first thing you will need is a hub. There are many on the market today. I personally use the Wink Hub. Here is an overview of the Wink Hub from CNet.

2. Once you have your hub, you will need something to control. Here is my personal top 5 list of Smart Home devices.

3. To get your feet wet, I recommend that you start with a simple plugin module. They are the easiest to install. From there you will get plenty of ideas for what to do next. A look at two types of plugin modules can be found here.


4. And finally, here are more getting started videos:

Chamberlain Group MYQ-G0202 Garage Door Sensor

  • Monitor, open and close a second garage door with MyQ Garage (MYQ-G0201 – Sold Separately).
  • MyQ Garage Wi-Fi Hub (MYQ-G0201) is limited to two garage door openers.
  • Mounts to inside top panel of garage door opener and is added to MyQ account through the MyQ App.
  • Install in minutes.
  • Includes: door sensor, adhesive/screws for mounting and instructions for adding to your MyQ account.

Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector Power Strip (Black)

  • Flexible form that bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes.
  • Six outlet pods, which can be adjusted so that large power bricks don’t hog space.
  • ETL-certified surge protection up to 672 joules, with an easy off/reset button.
  • Adjusts so you can utilize all six outlet pods.
  • Bends to fit around furniture and in tight spaces.

Quirky PPVG-WH01 Pivot Power Genius

  • Smart technology – Turn two outlets on or off remotely from an app on your mobile device. This can be manual or scheduled automatically from anywhere at anytime
  • Surge protection – No sparks! Unwanted spikes in voltage don’t stand a chance against Pivot Power Genius’s 1080 joules of rock-solid surge protection
  • Turn two outlets on or off remotely from an app on your mobile device. This can be manual or scheduled automatically from anywhere at anytime.
  • Four pivoting outlets accommodate plugs and adapters of all shapes and sizes.

GE Add-On Switch for Z-Wave 12723

  • Provides ultimate flexibility with your GE in-wall smart switch, dimmer or fan control
  • Requires a GE home automation switch, not a standalone switch
  • Includes white and light almond paddles that will match most standard wall plates (wall Plate not included)
  • Screw terminal installation provides improved space efficiency when replacing existing switches compared to flying leads (neutral connection required for installation)
  • Compatible with GE in-wall z-wave, Bluetooth, and ZigBee switches, dimmers and fan controls