Osram Lightify LED A19 Setup & Review with Wink Hub 2 and Amazon Echo

The @OSRAMAmericas #Lightify A19 Full Color LED Smart Light Bulb is an easy #DIY setup. The Osram Sylvania line is a solid alternative to the Philips Hue line of smart LED lighting. Whether you are looking to enhance your smart home or just add intelligent accent lighting, smart lighting is the way to go. With the Osram Lightify, you have a choice of using the Lightify Gateway or connecting directly to the Wink Hub. This is not an option with the Philips Hue, which always requires the Hue Bridge.


The outcome of the Osram Lightify review is mostly favorable. There are a few things that I see as negatives. But those are related to the Wink Hub integration and features that are available in all smart LEDs. This is a full color LED light and has full color control as well as white light control (also known as adjustable white).

In the video I connect and perform the installation of the Osram Lightify A19 bulb to my Wink Hub 2 inside the Wink App, and also briefly describe how I control the light with Alexa using my Amazon Echo Dot. This easily fits into my smart home automation setup.

Everyone already knows that LED Lighting can create significant savings to your electric bill. Smart LED lights do use less power, but with the cost of the bulb, you won’t see a return on your investment.