Inovelli In-wall Z-wave Plus Paddle Dimmer Switch

  • IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Must have Neutral Wire for this to work — please check your wiring prior to purchasing
  • OVERVIEW: Z-Wave Plus Switch with Manual or Remote Dimming with Instant Status Reporting // SCENE SUPPORT: For SmartThings Only (Other HUB’s will only have Dimming control)
  • SIMPLE 3 & 4-WAY WIRING: No need for an auxiliary switch! Can be used with a regular ON/OFF (non-smart) switch (NOTE: “Non-Smart” switch has to be an On/Off 3-Way, not a Dimming 3-Way) | IMPORTANT: 4-Way Must have Line/Load in the Same Box | Feel free to reach out to our licensed electrician for help prior to purchase
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: White & Almond Faceplates, White & Almond Paddles, White & Almond Screws (for Faceplate), a Neutral Jumper Wire, and our Step by Step Instructions for SmartThings, Wink Hub 2 & Vera Hubs