iHome isp5 & isp8 WiFi Smart Plug Setup and Review

Setup & review of the iHome isp5 and iHome isp8 smart plug in modules. As a bonus, we’ll compare this plug in module to the WeMo and TP-Link wifi switches. To date, all of my reviews have been z-wave modules that require a smart home hub like the Wink Hub 2 or Samsung SmartThings.

Today we’re going to look at the iHome isp5 and isp8 Wifi Smart Plugs. Eric from Modern Day Family Man will walk us through how to use the iHome plug with both Siri and SmartThings. In part 1 of my how to start your smart home series I stressed the importance of two things, having a plan and having a hub. These iHome smart plugs connect to an app on your phone using Wifi, but can also be controlled through Apple HomeKit, Siri, Wink Hub, SmartThings, Alexa and they even threw in Nest support for good measure.