Troubleshoot Schlage Connect Z-Wave Locks

Schlage Connect Deadbolt Models BE468 & BE469

If you are experiencing problems pairing the lock or with the lock updating in Hubitat Elevation C-5 series hubs, it is likely that you will need an Aeotec Range Extender 6 or some other Range Extender with Beaming Technology. Normal non-beaming repeaters (in-wall switches, etc.) will be no help.

It is recommended that you have one near the lock and one near the hub. For Hubitat users, it is also recommended that you watch this video:

Here are a few Hubitat tips not provided in the video:

  1. Make sure under your “settings” “zwave details” page up at the top right where it says “secure/join” this is set to “Locks/Garage Doors” and NOT ALL Secure Z-wave .
  2. Another good tip is during the inclusion of the Schlage Lock, it is a really good idea to have a separate browser tab open to the “logs” page, and make sure the lock completes the configure process, and by make sure I mean WAIT until all 30 lock codes are “fetched” in the logs BEFORE doing anything else on the hub (sometimes this can take a minute or two), sometimes other device traffic can interrupt this process. After it’s successful, under your Device Details page the “State Variables” should say “fetch Code: 30” and “codeFetchComplete 1” If it does not then you need to click the “get codes” tab, and re-verify the logs.
  3. Any code (including the 2 default codes) that are programmed into the lock directly, Lock Code Manager will not be able to read or identify those codes, they will appear as ???? on your lock’s device page. This is a Schlage security feature. If you want to use a specific code to trigger a rule machine rule it must be programmed through the Lock Code Manager or the Locks device page NOT the lock itself.
  4. It is recommended that you delete the default codes and only use those if/when you need to reset the lock.

Factory Reset

  1. Disconnect the batteries
  2. Press and hold the outside Schlage button
  3. While holding the outside Schlage button, then reconnect the batteries.
  4. Release the Outside Schlage Button.
  5. To check that the lock was reset, press the outside Schlage button and enter one of the Default User Codes.
  6. If the reset was successful, the lock will perform a setup routine. Wait until the bolt stops moving. The reset and setup are complete.

Join the Z-Wave Network

  1. From the Hubitat Web Interface home page, select Z-Wave, then Start Z-Wave Pairing on the Device Discovery page.
  2. Press the Schlage button
  3. Enter the 6 digit programming code
  4. Press 0
  5.  indicates the lock successfully joined the Z-Wave network, while an X indicates that it did not successfully join the network

Verify Z-Wave connection status from the lock

  1. Remove the battery cover
  2. Disconnect the battery connector
  3. While watching the inside Schlage button, reconnect the battery connector
  4. The inside Schlage button will blink if the lock is enrolled

Exclusion from the Z-Wave Network

  1. From the device’s details page, select Remove Device, then Remove
  2. From the Hubitat Web Interface home page, select Z-Wave, then Start Z-Wave Exclusion on the Device Discovery page.
  3. Press the Schlage button
  4. Enter the 6 digit programming code
  5. Press 0
  6.  indicates the lock was successfully excluded the Z-Wave network, while an X indicates that it did not successfully leave the network

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