iBlinds v1 Tips and Troubleshooting

These instructions are valid for the iBlinds v1 Hortizontal Blinds Controller.

Click Here for the v2 iBlinds Controller

As always, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer to address problems. I can’t promise that these instructions will stay up to date since the manufacturer can change firmware at any time without my knowledge.

Pairing Problems

The biggest problem you will face is pressing the INC/EXC button too many times. You only need to press the button ONCE during pairing.

If you pressed more than once, or can’t seem to get the unit to pair:

  • The the battery switch off – wait 15 seconds
  • Turn the batter switch on – wait 60 seconds
  • Press the INC / EXC button 3 times – listen for a click
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Press the CLEAR button
  • If you don’t hear a Click, Press the clear button again

If the process doesn’t work, repeat and try again.

Auto-calibration Wont Run

Don’t press any buttons while the unit is in auto-calibration mode, you will muck up the calibration.

SmartThings – Before doing anything, make sure you have the Device Handler loaded. Once the device handler is loaded, press the control button and wait. The unit should perform the auto-calibration.

Vera & Wink – A few times I found it necessary to help the auto-calibration along. After you pair your device, wait for at least 2 minutes. If the iBlinds controller doesn’t automatically go into auto-calibration, press a control button and wait. The unit should begin auto-calibration mode.

Hubitat – When pairing the iBlinds controller, the unit comes in as a “Device” and uses the device type “Device”. You will need to change the Type to “Generic Z-Wave Shade”. Once you save the device type, it may be necessary to press the “Open” button in Hubitat to initiate the auto-calibration sequence.

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