How to Start Your Smart Home: Part 1 -Using the Wink and SmartThings Hubs for Home Automation Tech

The smart home is growing in popularity. This video helps you start your smart home by helping you create a solid plan. Home automation is about more than just the gadgets. Sure you can go out and buy an Amazon Echo or a Google Home and stitch together a few devices. But if you want a real smart home, you need to look at a smart home hub. The video will make the case for a real hub, and discuss lighting options for your new automation experience.

A smart home consists of devices that you place in and around your home.
These include things like lights, alarms, sensors, thermostats, cameras, and a whole bunch of other cool gadgets. Many manufacturers will have their own hubs.
Which is true for Logitech, Philips, Lightify, Lutron and a host of other products.
But these hubs are specifically designed for their own products.

Look at the five categories of things that comprise a smart home, it should make it easier for you to establish your smart home plan.
My five categories include Lighting devices, environmental devices, energy devices, security devices, and entertainment devices.
But when you really think about it, device types can play multiple roles. For example, lights can serve more than their utilitarian purpose and contribute to environmental comfort as well as energy savings. A thermostat can contribute more as well, it can be a part of your energy savings plan.