HACK Amazon Echo – Unlock Smart Door Locks With Your Voice – Yonomi

Today we are going to look at the Yonomi Skill and how that will allow you to unlock your smart door locks using Amazon Echo voice commands.

I get a lot of questions about unlocking doors with the Amazon Echo. Until very recently this was not something easily achieved. It’s the opinion of most smart hub manufacturers and the Echo creators that unlocking doors by voice command is a bad idea.

This is because all a would be burglar would need to do is shout your unlock command, and they have gained entry into your house.

But, since it’s a popular question, I’ve decided to show you a little hack using using the Yonomi App and Skill combo. You can find out if your door lock is compatible with Yonomi at Yonomi.co – yes, thats dot C O.

Since this could be a very bad idea, do this at your own risk. And remember, I told you NOT to do it!

To make this work, you will need to download the Yonomi app to your iOS or Android device. Get all of that crazy account setup stuff out of the way. Then add the skill to your Echo. Lastly, Run discover devices on your Echo.

For your reference, I use the Schlage Connect Camelot series lock at my house. 



That’s it. Short and simple. And remember – I warned you not to do it!