Google Home Assistant Review, Unboxing, DIY Setup

The Google Home Assistant is the latest voice assistant to hit the market. Today we are going to do an unboxing, setup and review of this cool new tech. Plus, we will compare it to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. And then, we’ll round it out with a few live tests centered on home automation and voice control.

You can find the Google Home almost everywhere, I’ve seen them in Amazon and at Walmart for just under $130. As always, there are several informational links and affiliate links in the comments below.

If you already have a Google Assistant, you will want to press the mute button, since I will be giving commands in this video.

Just like the Amazon Echo, the google home is a multi purpose voice controller that’s fills the roles of personal assistant, entertainment controller, and home automation controller.

So let’s get this thing out of the box. There is a top cover on the box that is held in place by two pieces of tape. They have little red corners to help you find them. Just peel these back.

From here, you just slide the top cover off. Set that to the side. And we’ll flip open the box. And, as everyone says, it does indeed look like an air freshener. Under the Google Home, you’ll find the instruction cards. And I do mean cards, not a manual.