Chamberlain MyQ Wireless Garage Door Opener for Smart Home with Smartphone Mobile App Review

Product review of the Chamberlain MyQ Wireless Garage Door Opener. This wifi enabled smart home opener can connect into your Wink or other smart home hub to allow you to have full control over your garage door from anywhere in the world through your smart phone. The MyQ add-on is perfect for DIY installation. In fact, it is so simple that any do it yourselfer can handle the task. Monitor the position of the garage door through the MyQ app or your Wink App, and close the door if you accidently left it open after leaving home.

Worried that you left the garage door open after you left the house? Today we are going to look at how you can monitor and control your garage door using the Chamberlain MyQ smartphone app. 


It’s not uncommon for me to leave home and wonder if I remembered to close the garage door. I hate that nagging feeling.

It’s even worse when I think my door is closed, and I return home to see the door wide open.

I also worry about neighbors and family that may be looking after my house while I’m on vacation.

I mean let’s face it, anyone can forget to close a garage door, not just me.

If you saw my Top 5 Smart Home Must Haves video, you know that the Smart Garage Door Opener came in at number 5 on my list. This is because of the awesome safety and security benefits it can provide.

Today we are going to look at the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener, its associated smartphone app and how you can connect this to your smart home hub. 

The Chamberlain solution consists of 3 components: A door sensor, the wireless garage door opener, and the MyQ App.

So, here’s how it works. The MyQ controller mounts in your garage, somewhere around your mechanical door opener. I have mine located on the ceiling just about a foot away from the opener.

This gets paired with your garage door opener just like any other garage door remote. Most openers have this little button near the lights that you hold down while pressing the remote.

For the MyQ, the app will walk you through when to press this button to add itself to the list of recognized remotes held inside the door opener.

The MyQ also communicates with this door sensor, which is held in place by double-sided tape or mounting screws.

This is how it knows if the door is open or closed.

And lastly, MyQ connects to your smartphone through a wifi or data-plan connection. And now the install is complete.

This lets you monitor and control your garage door from your phone. And if you have more than one opener, you can have more than one MyQ, allowing you to control everything from a single app.

Now opening your garage door is as simple as swiping up on your phone and watching the progress. Same goes for closing, only in reverse.

MyQ has a safety feature built in, which is this light and alarm that are triggered when closing the door from the app. This is a useful warning for anyone that may be standing in your garage when you are trying to close the door from the app.

For even more benefit, I have mine linked to my Wink Hub. This gives me one place to control all of my smart home devices and it allows me to integrate other smart home features.

For example, in my Wink app, I have a robot that reminds me if my garage door has been open for more than 15 minutes.

On more than one occasion I have received the alert after I have left home.

And sure enough, even though I closed the door, for some reason the door went back up. Probably caused by a leaf or something moving in front of the safety sensor while I was driving away.

For added security, I can log into my garage security camera and see if it’s really open. I mention this because sometimes the sensor sticks and I get a false reading. When this happens I just tap the sensor a couple of times and it works fine for another few months.

Another robot is triggered when the garage door opens. When this happens, I get an alert on my phone, and the garage light turns on. This is pretty handy. Imagine being on vacation and getting an alert that your garage door just opened! Again, another great feature of security cameras that can be viewed from your smart phone. I can see what is going on in real time.

Aside from the monitoring, MyQ comes in handy for letting other people into my garage. I have had people show up to my house to return borrowed items while I am across town. This app allows me to open the garage door for them and then close the garage once they’ve finished. It’s a nice way to provide limited access to my house.

So all in all, I’m a big fan of the Chamberlain solution. It does bother me that the door sensor sticks every now and again. But this is not that big of a deal for me since I have the security camera in my garage. If the sensor does fail, Chamberlain does sell the sensors as a stand alone unit.