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Stringify Flows for Advanced Home Automation Setup, Review & Tutorial + IFTTT Comparison

Stringify is a cloud based application that can act as an intelligent service broker to improve your smart home automation. The video explains the differences between IFTTT and Stringify as well as helping you set up a basic flow with multiple constraints, triggers and actions. Stringify can be linked to the Wink Hub 2 and SmartThings to enhance shortcuts, robots and routines. You can also use the app to trigger really cool things using the Amazon Echo Dot.




On Vacation With a Smart Home

In this episode, we go on vacation and check in on the status of our home using our Wink Hub and our connected smart devices. Smart Homes offer an enhanced sense of security because you can program your home to behave exactly the same as if you were home. You can also ensure that doors are locked and garages are closed from your smart phone, anywhere in the world.

On our drive, we visit the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, and check in with our home along the way.

Finding Amazon Echo “Alexa”, VeraEdge and other smart things in Singapore

A weekend in Singapore gave me an opportunity to check out the status of Smart Home devices available in other parts of the world. I visited an L3 Homeation Store to see what Singapore has to offer in the way of smart home devices.

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History of Affordable Home Automation

In your search for affordable home automation, it’s a good idea to understand the evolution of the technology. Most people believe that home automation is expensive, or that achieving your smart home goals is financially out of reach. Both of these assumptions are false. This video explains the 40 year evolution of the affordable smart home components and demonstrates how easy it is to get started.