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Is Hubitat Elevation a Good Wink Hub 2 Alternative?

Update April 2020 – Wink employees have been active again on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I see that people are getting support. Wink also announced a mandatory firmware upgrade, which is encouraging. Unfortunately there’s not much other news available.

Wink has been silent. Very silent. According to one article, they already have. So if you’re thinking about moving from Wink to Hubitat, here’s a list of important things to keep in mind, including answers to some of the most popular questions.

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Pair the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Hubitat Elevation

Connect the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Deadbolt with Hubitat Elevation Smart Home Hub Full instructions for factory reset, Z-Wave Exclusion & Inclusion, solving common problems and using the Hubitat Lock Code Manager

Works with Deadbolts models (BE468, BE469) and possibly other locks from the Schlage Connect Z-Wave lock series You will also find tips for troubleshooting poor performing locks.

LIVE: Hubitat Elevation How-To Dashboards and Devices Q&A

Live Stream Hubitat Elevation setting up devices and building dashboards. This will be a LIVE Q&A. For devices, we will cover tips on how to pair, troubleshooting, exclusion, and features of various types of devices. For Hubitat Elevation Dashboards we will cover basic settings, dashboard widgets, advanced template settings, and other tips and tricks.

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub

  • Hubitat is changing how people live with smart devices, allowing them to “Elevate Their Home”. By combining the advantages of local automation processing with cloud connectivity, Hubitat’s innovative Hubitat Elevation hub ensures personal data privacy and is more reliable and responsive than competitive cloud-based solutions.

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