Affordable LED TV Accent Backlight with Voice Control

Today we are going to install home theater accent lighting that can be controlled through your smart home hub and your Amazon Echo.

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One of the obvious reasons to do this is the cool factor.

But I have also read using backlighting or bias lighting helps reduce eye strain.

It is claimed that TV accent lighting can help reduce headaches related to watching TV in dimly lit or dark rooms.

In a previous video I installed my Vizio 65 inch E Series 4K display, and I’ve been wanting to add accent lighting.

But when I look at the various options,

I just couldn’t bring myself to go down any of the mainstream paths.

The enticing option is to use something like the Philips Hue Light Strip.

But when you calculate the length you would need to create a full surround on a large TV, which in my case is about 15 feet or 5 meters, this will cost me anywhere from $150 to $200 US.

While this would give me the smart home control that I am looking for, I can’t seem to justify paying that much money for accent lighting on the back of my TV.

I do plan to use the higher end light strips, just not on my TV. Not today anyway.

My next option was to go for a traditional TV Accent Light Kit.

These are okay, but most are too small for a large TV, with each strip being about 50 centimeters in length.

They do offer a remote, but that’s just what I’m trying to avoid.

I don’t need yet another remote in house.

Another common light kit uses your TV’s USB port to supply power.

Problem one: the TV would need to be on to use the lighting,

or Problem 2: I would need a USB adapter in my outlet to power the unit.

And, I would still need the clunky remote to turn it on and off.

And since these options don’t connect to smart home hubs, not a good choice for me.

While they do have a remote, another remote defeats the purpose, not to mention I can’t control them with my voice.

So, what am I going to do? I bought a very inexpensive LED light strip meant to be used as christmas lighting.

I paid about $15 dollars US for a 19 foot section.

They come in several colors, but the color can’t be controlled. I purchased blue and I really like the look in my house.