Pair the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Hubitat Elevation


Pairing the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Deadbolt with Hubitat Elevation Smart Home Hub can be a difficult task. This video was made before Hubitat pulled the lock from their supported device list. If you are having trouble, this video will help. It provides full instructions for factory reset, Z-Wave Exclusion & Inclusion, solving common problems and using the Hubitat Lock Code Manager

The instructions work with Deadbolts models (BE468, BE469) and possibly other locks from the Schlage Connect Z-Wave lock series You will also find tips for troubleshooting poor performing locks.

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Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender 6 with Beaming Technology

A must have when pairing Z-Wave locks with the Hubitat Elevation Hub.

  • Z-Wave Plus wireless signal repeater and range extender. Compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus.
  • Amplifies and repeats weak signals boosting the range and reliability of weak Z-Wave devices.
  • Plug in to 110 volt wall socket. Small design so it does not block other outlets
  • Compatible with all Z-Wave gateways including Hubitat, Control4, Fibaro, SmartThings, Vera and more.

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

  • REDESIGNED AND REENGINEERED: With a crisp glass finish, vivid touch display, powerful quad-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and far-field voice, it’s a smart thermostat like no other.

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Review: Braumm Smart Wi-Fi Switch and Wi-Fi Plug

The Braumm switches can be used with both Amazon Echo (Alexa) and the Google Home Assistant.Braumm provides their own app, but the smart plug and smart switch are also compatible with the Smart Life app, since they both work on the Tuya platform.

Overall Rating diy star 3.0

The Braum S111 is a Wi-Fi connected on/off switch that can connect through the Braumm app or the Tuya app. It’s a great switch for the price point. Be aware that it will not integrate with non-Tuya enabled systems.
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